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Successfully blending the old and the new, with the east and the west in this “Pygmalion” like contemporary romantic comedy, “Americanizing Shelley” takes place in Los Angeles, and tells the story of a wanna-be Hollywood player, who sets out to Americanize an Indian girl straight from the Himalayas.

As he creatively teaches her all about the American way of life and what it takes be a Hollywood celebrity, he ultimately ends up learning a thing or two about his own life. Their clash in cultures soon gives way to understanding, unity and love as they begin to see the world through each others eyes.

Topping the internationally recognized cast are Beau Bridges (“10.5”, “Stargate,” “The Fabulous Baker Boys”, “The Agency”), Shaheen Khan (“Bend It Like Beckham”), Namrata Singh Gujral (also “The Agency,” “Passions”, “Kaante”), Phillip Rhys (“24”, “Nip/Tuck”, “Fathers and Sons), Wil Wheaton (“Star Trek”), Erin Hershey (“Port Charles”), Brad Raider (“Greener Mountains”), Morgan Brittany (Dallas) and African American talent Ron Reaco Lee (Sister, Sister) who was most recently seen in the Bernie Mac/Ashton Kutcher comedy “Guess Who”.

Veteran Hollywood director, Lorraine Senna (“The Sopranos, Northern Exposure” and more) is directing the film which will be shot in Los Angeles and India with cinematography from Director Of Photography, Christo Bakalov whose extensive credits include, among others, “Whirly Girl” produced by Jim Wilson (producer, Dances with Wolves).


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