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STILL (Casting begins October 2018)

Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama

The day America wakes up to's greatest threat is Earth itself as time stands STILL

5 Weddings

Genre: Comedy

5 Weddings is a comedy, drama, romance genre feature film that showcases the vibrant ceremonies at India’s weddings, with an important sub plot that features Hijras, a sect of transgender dancers who have been an integral part of Indian wedding tradition for centuries.


An American journalist travels to India for what she thinks will be an easy magazine feature on Bollywood weddings, only to have the assignment interrupted by a cop, who is convinced there is journalistic espionage behind the magazine article. As the coverage of Bollywood weddings unfolds, so does a colorful mosaic of lost loves, transgender tangles and culture clashes along the heartfelt journey of life, symbolized by the universal ups and downs of a wedding celebration.

1 a Minute

Genre: Docu-Drama

Somewhere in the world, a woman dies of Breast Cancer, EVERY minute!
Let's stop the clock...What will YOU do?

This is a global docudrama on “women and cancer” with a focus on Breast Cancer, the most frequent cancer in women worldwide.


The picture follows a woman's journey through cancer and at each stage of her journey, our stars (who are all survivors from around the world; or affected closely by it), jump in and recount their experiences at that point in time. The doc also covers interviews with top Eastern medicine practitioners (such as Dr. Deepak Chopra) as well as top Western Oncologists (such as Dr. Dennis Slamon - Inventor of Herceptin).

HRH Prince Charles: Rainforest Project

Genre: PSA

Uniglobe Entertainment produced PSA's for HRH Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales' charity organization "The Prince's Rainforest Project".


UG is also corporate partner in The Prince’s Project, joining Google, Apple and Sony.

American Dream: The True Story

Genre: Drama

"American Dream: The True Story" is the journey of a young Christian man from Pakistan who travels to the United States to escape persecution against Christians and to realize his American dream, only to find that the escape to free shores may have come at a cost.


As he embraces the possibilities that freedom and democracy bring; he also succumbs to a variety of means to achieve the dream, which may take him to places worse than what he was trying to get away from in the first place. His journey of hope does find him love but shows him no mercy and tests his faith to the ultimate. In the end, will he find grace?

Americanizing Shelley

Genre: Comedy

Successfully blending the old and the new, with the east and the west in this "Pygmalion" like contemporary romantic comedy, "Americanizing Shelley" takes place in Los Angeles, and tells the story of a wanna-be Hollywood player, who sets out to Americanize an Indian girl straight from the Himalayas.

As he creatively teaches her all about the American way of life and what it takesbe a Hollywood celebrity, he ultimately ends up learning a thing or two about his own life. Their clash in cultures soon gives way to understanding, unity and love as they begin to see the world through each others eyes. 

The Thrive Channel

Genre: TV Programs

What is The Thrive Channel?

The Thrive Channel is a public service initiative, dedicated to the assistance of global cancer survivors, in life after a cancer diagnosis. TTC is a leading media brand devoted to cancer survivorship. It is possible to heal your mind, body & spirit after any type or stage of cancer.

How can I get TTC on TV?

Please check your local TV listings to see if TTC is available in your area. You can always view TTC online on this web portal.

Can I watch TTC online from anywhere in the world?

Yes. We release our shows concurrently on TV and online, so you may have immediate access, no matter where you are in the world. Since TTC is a public service initiative, we also keep the resolution of online shows low enough so you can watch them regardless of bandwidth in your region.


Genre: War, Drama

It doesn't take a hero to order men into takes a hero to be one of those men...

"Dancin' In The Clouds"

Genre: Music Video

Never-been-done-before “Middle America meets Middle East ” style duet:”Dancin’ In The Clouds” is now out on MTV, CMT and VH1. This ground breaking single is the first song to be recorded with American Country and Bollywood elements and features performances from both camps – country star Steve Azar and film star Namrata Singh Gujral.

The song is produced by Hollywood veteran composer/producer Jay Ferguson and is slated for inclusion in the company’s upcoming comedy feature “Americanizing Shelley”.

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